Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things change

Ten-fifteen years ago, computer games were not like the way it is now. There was no improved graphics, no realistic sounds, there were low budgets etc. However, at that time, absence of these qualities did not bother the players a lot as the players were completing these lacks with their minds; maybe it is like reading a book and visualize the details. In time, even slightest improvements astonished players, however, now there is no chance for the players to use these lacks to interact with, as games come as a complete fully closed way because of developers' sinking into a race against perfection; and there are also other "emotional" concerns too. Even looking to the covers of the games, "emotional" concerns can be seen. Today's covers are like high budget hollywood production movie posters. A little comparison:

Grand Theft Auto, 1998
(Original Cover From Personal Collection)

Grand Theft Auto IV, 2008

As the name of the game tells a lot, first cover from 98 simply gives small hints of the experience players will have, while in the second cover almost everything is revealed about the game. You can ride a heli, a racing motorcyle, fast cars, use snipers and shoot gangstas, bang lolipop licking pornstars. Hell of a game isn't it, yes it is. You can come in a ship from another continent like Corleone did, and you can be rich, powerful, everything you want. Fucking American Dream. Yes, you can achieve, you can do it too.
Seriously, there is no need, just a no thank you.

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