Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shall I bite that apple too?

Today was my birthday, just like the fella over there, 24 February. He tried to do something and he did. He changed things, made living different. His life was hard, family wasn't rich, people didn't like him. He wanted to be a shiver of sand in this whole wide sea of infinity, and he made it. Chances were not on his side but he changed the flow of his existence for the sake of his will. He succeeded. Now he is old. He has cancer all over his body. Everybody in his company waits for his death in order to move on. He will die soon and became a bright star in the skies or just soil, maybe some vitamin in an apple in near future. Does it worth it? You fought the wars against the wheel of fortune and you beat it. Nobody liked you, you can get nothing to your coffin, your filthy decaying corpse will not hear your legacy staying in this mean world. Nobody will remember you in maybe two or three hundred years. Does it worth it? I wish I could ask it to him.

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