Thursday, February 10, 2011

Less Known Posters of Just Before Millenium Alternative Reality Films

Sci-fi alternative reality films really flourished suddenly just before the second millenium of the accepted calendar. Nowadays there are millions of them, there are even T.V. series, but back then, they changed the life of so many people and made them question their existence etc. or just confused them. There are lots of things to talk about these four beautiful films, but here I would like to share their mostly unknown or foreign posters, one for each film.

Dark City, 1998
Dark City was first to come in these four. It came out in late 1998 and maybe influenced other three. Here in the poster, the creepy guys, aliens that make experiment on human race can be seen in the poster. By far worst poster of all for me. I have no idea what is going on in it.

The Thirteenth Floor, 1999
13th floor came early 1999, last year before the new millenium. This film is the lest known of these four and has only one poster for all countries, has no alternative one, so it doesn't count. Our guy walks to the end of the designed program to understand what is there at the end of the program, seeks the truth... Good idea on the poster, no big faces, no one is tried to be higlighted; instead film and its idea is highlighted.

The Matrix, 1999

Everyone's favourite, one of the best of its kind ever. Lots of new technique, solid cast, beautiful movie. Also, this poster is film's most mysterious one along with the eggy one. -They are coming out of the mist to kick some ass. Again no big faces pumping out of the poster, nothing much relieved: who plays Trinity?

eXistenZ came out only days before the end of old millenium. It has plenty of gross stuff, some headache and the smallest atmosphere of the four. Just like 13th Floor, it is not a widely known film even if Jude Law plays the leading part. Best poster out of all for me even if it looks like a dark love story. Does not show lots of sci-fi stuff, use of red, with cable shows the connection between people. This poster is not related with the film at all, as the film does not only focuses on the relationship or connection between the people through the games; it is only one of its themes. Not for this film, but a solid one.

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