Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Taverna Music Tape Covers of 80's 90's: Zihni Cinan

It was typical of the era that, for the cover of the tape, a picture is taken in Taverna while singing or playing the instrument, was used by the recording companies. It was normal as the music and the type of entertainment called "Taverna" was newly developing and tapes had the purpose of living the atmosphere of this entertainment out of Tavernas, instead in homes, henna nights, picnics. However, in time, with earning money and reputation, recording compaines urged Taverna artists to produce more and more, also Taverna as a place became so famous that, it was not necessary to show the artists there; therefore, covers became nuthing but interesting studio portraits. Or at least, I think it happened that way. Here are some of the tape covers of Taverna artist Zihni Cinan from the 80's-90's era.

Zihni Cinan, "Şansım Döndü"

Zihni Cinan, "Gelin Arabası"

Zihni Cinan, "İsteksiz Gelin"

Zihni Cinan, "Şampiyon"

Zihni Cinan, "Gelin Arabası"

Zihni Cinan, "Benim Sevgim Yalan Değil"

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