Sunday, February 20, 2011

Recent Developments in Turkish Underground Rap Album Covers

Until recently, underground rappers in Turkey was not creating album covers as they were not releasing the albums in the market because of the costs and lack of producers. They simply put the albums on the net, and they thought a cover is not needed. However things improved with the changes that I-Tunes and other similar systems made. Nowadays more and more listeners just download the albums rather that than buying it. With this change, Turkish Underground Rappers also started to make their album covers or worked with graphic designers and a lot of different and interesting result came up. Here are some infiluential and, of course, illustrative covers from two-tousand-and-eight.

Tedmer, Ben de Varım, 2008
Exelans, 3 Başlı Ejderha, 2008
Emrah Çıldır, Sarhoş Palavraları ve Bekar Evinde Kör Sinekler, 2008
Mic-Kill Myers Mkm, Şimdi Git Zombi, 2008
Sybra Azazil, Zincirini Kopartan Köpek, 2008
Ema&Mirza, Her Gün Aynı, 2008

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