Sunday, March 13, 2011

Film Posters in Turkish Cinema: 80's

1980's were hard times for Turkey because of the military coup and its administration for several years. Turkey was also a mess in terms of political over-activity and so just before the 80s, but it was another and probably bigger mess after the intervention as cinema and other arts faced lots of censorship and prohibition. As a counter effect, in the later years of 80s, social cinema flourished in the country aside diminishing Yeşilçam melodramas and more and more stars took part in these kind of films.

Sen Türkülerini Söyle, 1986
Kadir İnanır was one of the most charismatic and handsome stars of the era and there is no other poster among his films and among all other Turkish Cinema posters that shows only the star's face as a close-up and nothing more. As the film simply tries to tell the concerns of adapting to the newly established society of an old activist just out of prison, with the beautiful gesture of the star, it reaches to its purpose.

Çark, 1987
It seems and it is a film about unity and unions. Everybody sits and listens to what the star of the film, the leader, has to say. Maybe only Tarık Akan could be in color but that could ruin the unity. Maybe the red gives the gloomy, muggy atmosphere but there is no harmony with upper side and fonts.

Zengin Mutfağı, 1988
A satire of the capitalist system through a chef in a wealthy house. Using one shot as a background is safe. Shot clearly shows the star and the satire. I did not get the meaning why did they write the M italic and in a different font, looks bad.

Karılar Koğuğu, 1989
It is one of the best posters I have ever seen in Turkish Cinema. Kadir İnanır wears a white jacket and a clear look in his face but he has lots of stories, joys, sufferings projected in his back. Extremely symbolic as it is a prison film. I did not like the face double up and the lines lined down but the font is real and the poster is beautiful.

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